QUEST SUPER ONCE A DAY Timed Release 90 Tablets

QUEST SUPER ONCE A DAY Timed Release 90 Tablets

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Product description

Purpose of Formula
  • Every day supplement to support optimal health
  • Helps even healthy people meet their nutrient requirements
  • Supports energy levels and vitality
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports mental well-being


Formula Features
  • High potency "all-in-one formula providing 17 vitamin and vitamin-related ingredients, 12 minerals and 12 additional factors
  • Amino acid chelated minerals maximise absorption
  • Amino acid chelation creates a gentle iron formulation that will not cause constipation
  • 12 powerful antioxidant nutrients
  • Full spectrum of essential micronutrients
  • Synergistic copper, bioflavonoids and vitamin D balance and enhance absorption of iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin C
  • Additional factors include lipotropic factors and enzymes
  • Patented timed release tablet, designed to release nutrients over 6 hours and optimise absorption of water-soluble vitamins

Dosage & Guidelines for Use

One tablet daily with the main meal

This product contains iron which, if taken in excess, may be harmful to very young children. Keep out of sight and reach. Long term intakes of this amount of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness

Nutritional Information
Name Amount R.D.A. (%)
Vitamin A 750g 94
Beta Carotene 6mg  
(Equiv. to Vitamin A 1000g) 125
Alpha Carotene 90g  
Cryptoxanthin 21.2g  
Zeaxanthin 18g  
Lutein 13.6g  
Folacin (Folic Acid) 200g 100
Biotin 50g 100
Vitamin C 150mg 187
Vitamin D 10g 200
Vitamin E (50 i.u.) 34mg 283
Thiamin (B1) 39mg 3545
Riboflavin (B2) 50mg 3571
Niacin (B3) 50mg 313
Vitamin B6 41mg 2929
Vitamin B12 50g 2000
Pantothenic Acid 50mg 833
Calcium 158mg 20
(40mg as Amino Acid Chelate)
Phosphorus 91mg 13
Iron 15mg 107
Magnesium 60mg 16
Zinc 10mg 100
Iodine 100g 67
Manganese 1mg 50
Copper 1000g 100
Molybdenum 25g 50
Chromium 25g 63
Selenium 32.5g 59
Additional Factor
Choline Bitartrate 50mg  
Inositol 50mg  
Methionine 50mg  
PABA 50mg  
Bioflavonoids 28.6mg  
Lysine HCl 22mg  
Lecithin 100mg  
Papain 2mg  
Rutin 2mg  
Hesperidin 10mg  
Betaine HCl 12mg  
Cysteine 0.6mg  

Additional Ingredients

Di-calcium phosphate (filler and binder)

Magnesium stearate (lubricant)

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (time release / glazing agent)

Free From

Hydrogenated fat; artificial preservatives, colours and flavours; added  lactose or salt; yeast, wheat or gluten

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