Teenage Girls Junk Food Diet Leaves them Starved of Vitamins

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An article from the Daily Mail over the weekend, reported on a new study conducted by two respected nutritionists.

The study looked at 38 previous reports on the diet of teenagers and concluded that many of them, especially teenage girls, are eating a diet consisting largely of junk food and thus missing out on key vitamins and minerals. This means that teenagers, amongst the biggest consumers of salt, sugar and alcohol, are consuming dangerously low levels of iron, magnesium, calcium and selenium.

Inevitably this has health consequences. Although problems such as heart disease normally occur in people in their 40s, as Dr Carrie Ruxton, an author of the report and nutritionist, noted that "the foundations of conditions such as cardiovascular disease are laid in childhood”.

Some health experts question the use of vitamins and mineral supplements, arguing that all the necessary nutrients should come from a healthy balanced diet. As Dr Ruxton says in this report, and as she has said before, the issue is that many people are not getting a healthy, balanced diet - hence the need for supplementation.

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