Why Coffee is good for you

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by Clare Harding on July 29, 2011


Of course, as the clip shows, you can have too much.

Otherwise full blown caffeinated coffee is very good for you.

Coffee is good for your liver1 .  It is a bitter herb and as such stimulates the liver into detoxifying. Overall studies back up the positive effects on the liver and its protective qualities against liver cancer2

Coffee stimulates stomach acid production,  so helps digestion.

It also stimulates the gall bladder into squirting out bile, so helps digestion of fats and helps prevent gallstones .

It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants and so is protective against some cancers34.

It is a source of magnesium and chromium, both important minerals in blood sugar regulation.

Contrary to popular opinion, coffee is not a diuretic, but it does stimulate peristalsis, so can lead to those coffee trots.

Coffee does aid sports performance5 . One cup is sufficient for aerobic work.  Strength training requires rather more.

Why some are against drinking coffee

It has a bad name because it is a central nervous system stimulant as the clip above clearly illustrates.

Also when coffee is drunk, the liver releases glycogen (blood sugar) into the blood stream which activates the pancreas into producing insulin, so contributes to blood sugar swings. However the blood sugar rise is very short lived.  Studies are very mixed as to whether it increases insulin resistance 6 or, in fact, improves insulin sensitivity7 .  there is also a study showing that coffee lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes8.  So the jury is out on this subject.

When and how you shouldn’t drink coffee:

After 4pm because it adversely affects sleep. Coffee blocks the parts of the brain that lead to deep sleep, so you may be able to get to sleep having recently drunk coffee, but the quality of the sleep will be poor.

If you are suffering from extreme adrenal fatigue. You will feel pretty terrible if you have this.

If you can’t tolerate coffee. A few people genetically can’t handle coffee – if they drink it they are wired for hours and tend to feel very unpleasant after drinking it.

If it is not organic.  The un-organic coffee bean is choc full of toxins.

If it is dried.  The nutritional value will  be very little.

With milk, particularly skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.  This undoes any antioxidant quality in the coffee.

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